My Tickets

Asking Questions: Guidelines

When asking questions or requesting general guidance, please list question by numbers. Below follows an example:

1. My first question

2. My second question

3. My third question

We recommend that you open one ticket per topic. If you have one list of questions related to customs procedures, and one list of questions related to product specifications, we recommend that you open two support tickets.

Document Review: Guidelines

You can submit product specification files, quotation files, supplier documents and other documents for review. Use the file upload function when opening a ticket and provide the following information:

  • Document type
  • Document owner (e.g., you or a supplier)
  • List of related questions and/or objective (if any)
Supplier Support Request: Guidelines

You can request assistance related to suppliers in any of the following scenarios:

  • Supplier disputes
  • Your supplier stops responding
  • Production delays
  • Request to resolve misunderstandings or gather information / documents

Please provide the following information when you request supplier related support:

  • Explain the current situation
  • Explain what you want us to help with
  • Supplier company name
  • Contact person (Name, Email and Company)
  • Relevant Supporting Documents (e.g., Invoice, Certificates, Quotation Files)